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Dental Clinic Bei'nat Ha'shen – Jerusalem

Dental Clinic Bei'nat Ha'shen – Jerusalem

Bei'nat Ha'shen, comprises a team of specialists experienced in the fields of prosthodontics and dental implants. Our doctors collaborate in order to give patients the most professional, highest quality treatment with minimal pain and maximum success. For your convenience, we are centrally located and easily accessible, and have assembled the best doctors and equipment under one roof . You'll no longer need to run from one dental clinic to another to get the kind of treatment you deserve.

Prosthodontics – it is important to get treated in time!

How many times have you looked in the mirror and decided, "I'll take care of it tomorrow?" How many times has a friend told you a funny joke and instead of laughing out loud, you just smiled, hiding your mouth behind your hand? Have you even developed methods for painless eating? A person's smile is one of the first things people notice — certainly when it's a beautiful one, but even more so when it is damaged and toothless. When a person has missing or damaged teeth, their quality of life declines, they develop difficulty chewing and speaking, and not to mention their damaged confidence.

We understand this struggle, so we've decided to put an end to the suffering. In the heart of Jerusalem sits a dental clinic that is a place of hope and salvation to patients without a smile, and a memory for those with a new one.

At Bei'nat Ha'shen, we offer solutions for all oral and dental problems with an emphasis on oral rehabilitation and dental implants. Our primary goal is to give patients back the smile they've been missing, with the most courteous and professional service.

Our experience and professional focus is on the rehabilitation of the mouth and the ultimate solution for missing teeth: dental implants using the most advanced methods, and the highest quality equipment and materials on the market. Dental implants provide a solution for the aesthetic and medical problem of missing teeth, or for when bad teeth can no longer be treated and need to be extracted from the root. Currently, implantation is the preferred solution for doctors and patients alike.

Your satisfaction is important to us!

At Bei'nat Ha'shen we are committed to giving you dedicated care and support, because at our clinic, the only way to leave is with a perfect smile. 

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