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Teeth implantation in Jerusalem

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International experts

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Friendly Payment Plan

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Advanced Product and Services

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Mouth restoration

A thorough and effective mouth restoration procedure requires a professional and experienced dentist. Thousands of customers choose to go through this procedure at "Binat Ha shen" thanks to our unique expertise, professional service and innovative equipment.

Porcelain Crown

A crown is the restoration of a broken tooth. It is made of noble metal covered with porcelain, which is then cemented onto the damaged tooth, fully encasing it to restore its natural shape and size. There are many different kinds of crowns available.

Plaque Removal and Whitening

Plaque removal by a dental hygienist helps clean artificial food and cigarette stains off your teeth. If you wish to get better results there are many whitening options to choose from.

Root Canal Procedures

A simple and well known treatment is to fill tooth cavities. The sooner the cavity is detected, the easier the treatment will be. If the cavity is discovered too late, there may be need for a root canal procedure or a crown fitting.

Tooth Implants

Sometimes a tooth must be extracted to prevent it from damaging surrounding teeth. Since each tooth supports and leans on the teeth next to it, when a tooth is extracted it may become necessary to implant a bridge or permanent crown.

Special Surgeries

In more complex mouth restoration procedures, surgery for the tooth, jaw, or gums may be needed. Our specialists perform these procedures with the best skills and technology.

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